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  • 10 student classroom pack, includes software and curriculum.
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  • No prior coding experience needed.
  • Runs great on Chromebooks!

What others are saying about CodeSpace

As a homeschooling mom, I'd heard that teaching kids to code was important, but I was intimidated because I knew virtually nothing about coding. Codespace made it possible for my son to teach himself to code and for me to learn along with him. Thanks, Firia Labs! 


My students love learning code. CodeSpace teaches them an actual computer language in a fun and engaging way. It is the project we were wanting to extend our code.org learning. Within the first hour of using CodeSpace, the students were writing code to create shapes. By the end of the second day, the students wished our principal "Happy Birthday!" on their microbit.

LeAnn Oldenburger, Ottumwa, Iowa

I am so impressed with the thoroughness of your product. The students this morning would raise their hands and then continue reading so that by the time I got to them, they had figured it out.

Deborah Medeiros, Madison, AL

Speaking of a specific student: "He has completely opened up because of Codespace. Talks a lot now. Always smiling."

Gifted Teacher

Get Your Students Started Today

One of the hardest things to teach students is perseverance. A lot of my students just want everything handed to them. With CodeSpace, not only is perseverance embedded, but the students WANT to work through their problems. They don't think of it as work at all. When the bell rings and it's time to go, they groan and ask if they can stay and keep working. All my students, from the brightest, most hardworking, to the struggling students, come to class eager to work in CodeSpace. It's self-guided, so they can work at their own pace. When they figure out something on their own, they celebrate. When they have a question, they lean over and ask a friend to explain it to them. It's teaching those intangible skills that our students need for the workplace.

Amber Merrill, Middle School CS teacher

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