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Firia Labs makes robotics and STEAM-based kits with educational software and curricula that:

  • Teaches real-world Python coding
  • Enables student independence with professional debugging tools
  • Features awesome projects that motivate mastery

Learn at your own pace

"The CodeSpace platform allows you to learn at your own pace, and I think it's really great for anyone who has not had the opportunity to learn coding.

It builds on each step, so you can be confident learning the basics, all the way up through advanced skills."

21st Century Skills

"We're learning how we can implement different computer science based projects for our students, so they can get a good grasp on 21st century learning and computational thinking."

Project-Based Learning

"I'm learning while I do it. It's not just writing it down, taking notes, but you're actually doing it. You can see your code right next to the lesson."

What others are saying about CodeSpace

CodeSpace:Python is a hit with my students; they love it! They come racing into my room each day, get out their assigned box and are immediately ready to work. ( I bought the photo box set like you had at the training for the Micro:bits - they work great).
When it is time for me to take the students to lunch many days we are late because they keep begging me "Just one more minute...just one more minute" as they are working on their activities. They are so engaged that they literally don't want to leave. It is a joy seeing my students so excited to learn!

Laura Collins, Discovery Middle School

I finally got a chance to bust out the microbits and the kids "jumped" right into Jumpstart to Python. My students who are new to computing are taking to it well, but I even have a couple of students who know Java from AP CSA and they are loving the experience of physical computing while learning Python. Firia labs has something for everyone ... the perfect low-floor-high-ceiling curriculum. I'm going to try to get some $ for some CodeBots next.

Carole Sailer, Pathfinders Institute teacher

As a homeschooling mom, I'd heard that teaching kids to code was important, but I was intimidated because I knew virtually nothing about coding. Codespace made it possible for my son to teach himself to code and for me to learn along with him. Thanks, Firia Labs! 


My students love learning code. CodeSpace teaches them an actual computer language in a fun and engaging way. It is the project we were wanting to extend our code.org learning. Within the first hour of using CodeSpace, the students were writing code to create shapes. By the end of the second day, the students wished our principal "Happy Birthday!" on their microbit.

LeAnn Oldenburger, Ottumwa, Iowa

I am so impressed with the thoroughness of your product. The students this morning would raise their hands and then continue reading so that by the time I got to them, they had figured it out.

Deborah Medeiros, Madison, AL

Speaking of a specific student: "He has completely opened up because of Codespace. Talks a lot now. Always smiling."

Gifted Teacher


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