Updated OLED Display software for CB3

Updates for CB3

A popular accessory for the CodeBot expansion port is a display. Our OLED Display modules are a great option, and there are instructions at the link below for wiring as well as theory of operation for these bright little displays. Refer to the following post for background, but read on for details of software needed for your CB3:  Display Project

For the CB3, here's the process to get the display running:

  1. Download all the files from here into a local folder on your PC:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kqTBEpZIs8PwYb8HrXEBKB6e8UvBSylC?usp=sharing
  2. Boot the CB3 in "writable from USB" mode by holding BTN-1 while briefly pressing REBOOT, then releasing BTN-1 after you hear the first short tone. You'll hear a 2-beep confirmation that you've done it correctly. At this point you can copy files directly to the CB3's flash drive.
  3. Copy the adafruit_display_text and adafruit_bitmap_font folders and the ssd1306.py file to the CB3's lib folder. You can use your PC's file explorer to do this. (drag and drop)
  4. REBOOT the CB3 to get the filesystem back to normal.
  5. Copy the contents of TestSSD1306.py to a new file in CodeSpace. (first open the .py file in Notepad or another text editor, then copy/paste contents into a new empty file in CodeSpace)
Now you can run the test code (from step-5) in CodeSpace. Those libraries should stay resident on the CB3 as you continue to work with it in CodeSpace.