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Frequently Asked Questions

I already use the micro:bit. Is this any different?

Yes! While we proudly feature the micro:bit in our Jumpstart Python curriculum and kits, if you are familiar with micro:bits you are going to notice some major differences here!

CodeSpace is the key, transforming the micro:bit with:

  • Best-in-class curriculum: Standards aligned, classroom ready, and amazingly engaging to students. Our unique brand of authentic Python-based CS education engenders enthusiasm and pride in your students.
  • Full-fledged Teacher Resources: Made by teachers for teachers, all the resources you’ll need to create a successful classroom experience.
  • Unmatched Development Tools: Give students the power to debug their code, and quickly iterate to a working program. Unique to CodeSpace, our debugger facilitates learning through productive failure. We empower students to strike out on their own… something other approaches often fail to achieve.

Already have micro:bits? Check out this page to see how you can update your micro:bits to be used with CodeSpace. 


Does CodeSpace run on Chromebooks? What about Apple computers?

Yes! For more information on system requirements, click here.


What grade range is appropriate for JumpStart Python?

It depends. The curriculum was written with middle school standards and reading level in mind, but students in upper elementary who have been coding with block-based programs have used Jumpstart successfully. Likewise, students in high school who have never taken computer science courses find it engaging. We feel that Jumpstart Python is an appropriate intro to Python for students of all ages! 


What grade range is appropriate for Python with Robots?

Python with Robots was written with high school standards and reading level in mind, however, students in middle school who have completed Jumpstart Python (or similar) will find Python with Robots to be appropriately challenging.


Should students complete Jumpstart Python before Python with Robots?

Not necessarily. If your district is planning out a scope and sequence for computer science courses, we would certainly recommend doing them in that order. However, the concepts covered in Jumpstart Python are also covered in Python with Robots, albeit at a faster pace.


Do you provide PD?

We do! Here are the details.  


Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do, and we think it’s one of the best in the industry. We invite you to peruse it at this link and let us know if you have any questions.


What does “Firia” mean? How do you pronounce it?

  • Firia is the mythological “Fire of Inspiriation” that sparks the imagination and inventiveness in all of us. The mission of Firia Labs is to “ignite in students a passion for creating”.
  • It is pronounced “FɪRɪ̈ə”