What is CodeSpace?

Our unique learning platform brings together a powerful, open-ended coding environment, a teacher-friendly curriculum suite, and an exciting, thoroughly hackable set of hardware tools. We are able to deliver real-world learning experiences to our students by using:


Python, a real-world programming language

This major language has been used to develop software for Google, YouTube, Spotify, and countless other applications. Our exclusive use of text-based python code, rather than drag and drop icons, appeals to students seeking relevance, meaning, and real-world value from instruction.


Intuitive, step-by-step curriculum

Our Python curriculum takes students (and teachers!) from basic coding concepts to deep and complex projects. Instructional content is integrated with development tools, so students can practice the mechanics of programming, and build a solid foundation of computer science concepts.


Open-ended software environment

In our web-based Python editor, programmers are limited only by the scope of their imagination. Students are encouraged to apply the concepts that they learn in each lesson to develop their own “remix” ideas. Legible error messages and a professional python debugger help students to learn through the natural process of making mistakes and iteratively fixing them. This scaffolding empowers students to think critically and confidently about a problem before raising their hands.

Engaging physical computing projects

Hardware brings code to life! Our versatile hardware products get students excited about code, and introduce them to the fascinating science of electronics.Through CodeSpace, students will learn about the code that animates and connects the gadgets in the ever expanding Internet of Things.