Stories from Pathfinders February 2020

Monique Davis, Cleveland Ohio

"It's not just writing it down, taking notes, but you're actually doing it. You can see your code right next to the lesson."

Celeste Conflitti, Houston Texas

"I'm more equipped to go and expand on an area that I never thought I'd have any interest in. I'm so excited to take this back to my kids..."

"I highly recommend this for anybody, with any level of training. Best PD, period."



Lynn Gracie-Rodgers, Pittsfield Massachusetts

"I'm a computer science teacher, I've been a programmer and (CodeSpace) has been really accessible to everybody. I think there's something here that everyone can find useful."


David Lockett, Lake Wales Florida

"We're learning how we can implement different computer science based projects for our students, so they can get a good grasp on 21st century learning and computational thinking."

Jamie Shields, Irving Texas

"I was scared. I didn't think I could code in Python, but I was successful by the end of the day, and you can be too."