Troubleshooting USB Connections

Connecting USB

CodeSpace uses a breakthrough new technology called WebUSB, that allows your browser to directly interact with the micro:bit via USB. When the USB is connected properly, you’ll see this icon in black at the top of the window:


If the USB is not yet connected, click on the USB icon above. If Chrome detects your micro:bit, it should pop-up the dialog below:

Click on the device called "CodeBot Py REPL" and press the Connect button. (Note: device may also be called "LPC1768")

If successful, the USB icon will change from gray to black, and CodeSpace will now be able to interact with your micro:bit.



If the above does not work

1. Unplug the USB cable
2. Click Chrome's Reload button
3. Plug the USB cable back in


Then repeat the connection process above.


Additional Tips

  • In some cases, you may need to do a "Hard Reload" of the page for step-2 above.
    • On Windows: hold Ctrl while clicking Reload.
    • On Mac: hold Shift while clicking Reload.
  • Be sure to check the System Requirements page Computer requirements.
  •  (search this Knowledge Base for details)
    • Older OS versions, and VMware thin clients may need additional configuration or upgrades
  • Try a different USB cable. It's uncommon, but cables can fail in sometimes subtle ways.
  • Try a different micro:bit if you have one.
  • On Windows, be sure the micro:bit is not being claimed by another USB Driver. See Removing old USB drivers.
  • On Linux, you'll need to update udev rules for the USB device. See: Codespace on Linux.