CodeBot CB2 Rover
CodeBot CB2 Rover
CodeBot CB2 Rover
CodeBot CB2 Rover

CodeBot CB2 Rover

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Note: This is the standalone CodeBot CB2 with no curriculum license. We recommend purchasing as part of a classroom kit!

The CodeBot CB-2 Rover is a cutting edge hardware tool designed to support our new Python robotics  curricula. Our step-by-step guided projects will give students the programming skills they need to open a world of possibilities in robotics, and the CodeBot's powerful CPU and state-of-the-art sensor array will enable limitless creative problem solving.



  • Fast, easy Python coding experience.
  • Step-by-step guided lessons in CodeSpace.
  • Powerful CPU with 1M of FLASH.
  • Proximity sensors for navigation.
  • Surface sensors for line following.
  • 3-axis Accelerometer.
  • Advanced PWM motor control.
  • Wheel Encoders for precise speed and rotation angle control.
  • Speaker for programmable alerts, music, and voice.
  • LEDs for status display of all systems.