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CodeSpace Free platform:

  • Contains step-by-step interactive lessons, introducing the micro:bit and guiding you through basic python coding. No prior coding background needed!

  • Provides an interactive text-based coding experience, with immediate feedback and helpful guidance on coding errors.

  • Requires no software installation, just the Chrome web browser. No drivers or software to install, and even runs great on Chromebooks.

  • Integrates with Google Drive, so all the code you write is saved to your Google account.

  • Eliminates the need to drag-and-drop HEX files. Edit and run code quickly, right from the web browser.

Additional features available in CodeSpace Full version:

  • Interactive Coding Curriculum - comprehensive python coding jumpstart module, with lots of engaging projects featuring the micro:bit.

  • Innovative step-by-step debugging on the micro:bit itself.

    • Enables students to understand and correct coding problems.

    • Successfully teach coding, even with no prior CS background!

  • In-browser access to the MicroPython  REPL.

  • Flexible floating licenses – purchase only what you need to cover concurrent users.

  • Perpetual License - never expires!