CodeBot by Firia Labs

Coming March 2019

We're excited to introduce the first robot designed specifically for CodeSpace! Equipped with a powerful CPU and an array of sensors, the Firia Labs CodeBot is an exciting and capable tool for teaching Python code. 

Brand new CodeSpace curriculum modules!

Get your students engaged with computer science using our intuitive, step-by-step curriculum packages. 

  • "Python with Robots"

    • Introduce your students to real Python code and teach the basics of computer science with our introductory robotics course. No coding experience required!
  • "Algebra 1 with Robots"

    • Bring Algebra 1 to life with this stimulating cross curricular robotics course. Your students will apply fundamental Algebraic concepts to solve complex and creative real-world problems in robotics and computer science.
  • And more!

CodeBot Features

  • Fast, easy Python coding experience.
  • Step-by-step guided lessons in CodeSpace.
  • Chromebook compatible.
  • Powerful CPU with 1M of FLASH.
  • Proximity sensors for navigation.
  • Surface sensors for line following.
  • 3-axis Accelerometer.
  • Advanced PWM motor control.
  • Wheel Encoders for precise speed and rotation angle control.
  • Speaker for programmable alerts, music, and voice.
  • LEDs for status display of all systems.