AMSTI Robotics Grant FY24


AMSTI is back at it! The FY24 Robotics Grant was just announced! This amazing grant is to aid LEAs in support of robotics education "to create a learning environment that can enhance collaboration and communication among students, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and creativity. 


Why choose Firia Labs' Python powered devices for your 4th - 12th grade robotics education?


  • Real-world coding your students will LOVE
  • Alabama DLCS standards aligned
  • Super great Teacher support from the Firia Labs team


Firia Labs, your favorite Alabama EdTech company and AMSTI Affiliate, has FIVE solutions for teaching Python!

  1. Python with CodeX
  2. Python with Robots
  3. Python Level-1 with Virtual Robotics
  4. Mission Pack: Lift Off! Peripherals Kit
  5. Professional Development**

** Up to 10% of this year's grant can cover professional development. To help celebrate, Firia Labs is offering an AMSTI Robotics Grant PD Special: $350 for a half day (3 hour) PD session. Professional development will be either virtual or in-person based on the location of the teacher(s). 


We know how important grant writing is, so we have put together some information to assist you as you write your grant response. This link will give you access to the information for Firia Labs' AMSTI compliant solutions: AMSTI Robotics Grant FY24


Need more details on why Python? Here ya go!

Synopsis: Incorporating Python into K-12 robotics education can provide students with a holistic understanding of both programming and robotics, setting them up for success in higher education and future careers.

  • Ease of Learning: Python's syntax is clear and readable, which makes it particularly suitable for beginners. Young students can grasp its basic concepts with relative ease, allowing them to quickly transition from learning programming concepts to applying them in robotics projects.
  • Foundation for Advanced Learning: Starting with Python can form a strong foundation for students to later delve into other languages or more advanced topics in robotics and computer science.
  • Broad Applicability: Python isn't just used in robotics. It's a versatile language with applications in web development, data analysis, AI, scientific computing, and more. Learning Python gives students a tool they can use in numerous areas.
  • Rich Set of Libraries: Python's extensive libraries, many of which are tailored for robotics, simplify complex tasks.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Python is compatible with various hardware platforms popular in educational robotics. This allows students to work on real-world, hands-on projects.   
  • Integration with AI and ML: Python is the leading language in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As AI and ML techniques become more integrated into robotics, knowledge of Python will give students a significant advantage.
  • Promotion of Computational Thinking: Python's approach to problem-solving and its well-organized structure promote computational thinking. When applied to robotics, students not only learn programming concepts but also how to break down complex problems into manageable parts.
  • CodeSpace platform by Firia Labs: Python learning through this platform is interactive, provides step by step learning, is easily implemented, provides a professional debugger and allows students to be creative with only their imaginations to limit them.
  • Future-Ready Skills: With the ongoing advancements in automation, AI, and robotics, having a foundational understanding of Python and its applications in robotics equips students with skills that are relevant for future job markets.


AMSTI grant applications are due September 30, 2023.


Need help with your application?