CodeSpace Release Notes


  • New CodeBot firmware - you'll see a notice that your 'bot needs an update when you connect it to CodeSpace.
    • In a pinch you can ignore this update... but we recommend moving your 'bots to the firmware as soon as you can.
    • The Help→Firmware Download menu in CodeSpace has a link to the download page.
    • Both Mac and Windows versions of the CodeBot Firmware Loader are available for download.
  • New "Python with Robots" project: Navigation!
  • Upgraded "Python with Robots" Animatronics project step 3.3 to take advantage of new CodeBot "bounds-check" errors. New error-handling learning opportunity for students!
  • Upgraded "Python with Robots" Fence Patrol project step 4.6 to take advantage of new CodeBot "bounds-check" errors.
  • Added API for Teacher Dashboard... coming soon!
  • Google Classroom "submit" shows for all students - regardless of order in which they were added to roster.
  • Added CodeBot Troubleshooting Guide:
  • And of course, updated Educator Resources  to cover all the new content!

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