CodeBot Firmware Upgrades


Some users have reported that recent updates to Windows 10 may cause issues with the current version of CodeBot firmware upgrader. If you are having trouble with this, please contact for prompt assistance.


The CodeBot firmware upgrader is a standalone program available for Mac or Windows. Simply download the file and run it as described below:

 (Note: there are on-screen instructions too!)

1. Download the upgrade program to your computer.

2. Run the program.

3. Connect the CodeBot to your USB port.

4. Press and hold BTN-0 on the CodeBot.

5. Press and release Reboot button on the CodeBot.

6. Release BTN-0.

7. Upgrade should start automatically... wait for it to complete.


Latest Version:

CodeBot Firmware 1.0.0 - MacOS

CodeBot Firmware 1.0.0 - Windows

(Note: some virus scanners flag the Windows download. Be assured it is safe to download and run.)

Older versions:

CodeBot Firmware 0.4.0 (Windows only)