Firia Labs Launches State-of-the-Art Virtual Robotics Educational Platform


Firia Labs announced the launch of the Python Level-1 with Virtual Robotics curriculum, hosted on their next-generation CodeSpace educational platform. The new platform enables students to program a three-dimensional, virtual robot, complete with lights, motors, speaker, and peripherals all through a standard web browser. An integrated coding curriculum prepares students for Industry-recognized Python certification exams from Certiport and OpenEDG. 

“CodeSpace is already being used in classrooms across the country to deliver a hands-on computer science and STEAM learning experience. The new platform will allow students to write software on a virtual robot and then seamlessly run the same code on a physical version of that robot.” said David Ewing, President of Firia Labs. “This new virtual environment expands on the professional-level tools and high-quality CS instruction we already offer in CodeSpace, and gives students the ability to write real robotics code even if they don’t have a physical robot on hand.”

The visually stunning environment provides step-by-step instructions to ease students into coding, and features a new code walkthrough system called CodeTrek. “CTE teachers asked us for a Python certification pathway, and our engineering team worked hard to build tools that enable students to master the necessary coding without requiring the teachers to be Python experts themselves,” David added.

The new platform is available to try for free at https://sim.firialabs.com.