CSEdWeek - Kicking off our CoDecember Virtual Robotics Challenge

What a great season to jump into some Python coding and robotics fun!

There's already a lot of awesomeness at https://sim.firialabs.com, and it just keeps getting better!

We've added a special treat available to you in the FREE level of Codespace Simulation Environment. To make it even better, we're giving you a chance to win a real-life CodeBot ⃰  by showing off your mad Python skills in the simulator.

How to Participate

Just login to https://sim.firialabs.com. We suggest you go through at least the intro Mission Pack. That will give you the background to attempt the "CS Ed Week Special 2021" challenge!

  • The challenge takes place in "Explore Mode" - so be sure to click the compass icon on the right side of your screen. This will give you access to all the Environments.
  • Select the Environment called "CS Ed Week Special 2021"
  • Write some Python code to get your CodeBot through the maze as quickly as possible!
    • How will you code it? Time and motion, Line Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Pushbutton Controls??  It's up to you!

As your bot progresses through the maze, it will pass Checkpoints. Crossing the first Checkpoint will start your clock, and each subsequent Checkpoint will show your elapsed time through the maze.

Note: You can start and stop your Python program along the way, and even adjust your code mid-course. But if you press "RESET" on the simulation toolbar your bot will go back to the beginning and the clock will reset. As you develop and test your code you'll be pressing RESET a lot :-)

When you reach the final Checkpoint you will see a message with your total time for this run to complete the maze.

To submit your best race time, take a screenshot of that final Checkpoint Card!  Be sure the whole card is visible, including your time and the special code in blue below it. Email it to geri@firialabs.com to enter the CodeBot giveaway contest.

  • Deadline to submit your time proof is 12/17/2021 at 5pm CT.
  • Contest winners will be announced 12/20/2021

( ⃰  due to shipping expense, winning entries outside the US may receive a 1-year subscription to Level-1 Python with Virtual Robotics rather than a physical CodeBot)