CodeSpace Simulator Beta Ends January 8, 2022

We'd like to thank all of you who participated in the open beta of the CodeSpace Simulation Environment!  Thousands of students wrote their first lines of Python code with virtual CodeBots!

Behind the scenes we have been busy adding tons of additional Missions and features, responding to your feedback, and completing the full Python Level-1 curriculum so we can go live with our first Python Certification pathway!

If you are using the CodeSpace Simulation Environment in the classroom and want to continue with access to the full (and expanded) set of Missions, please contact us at info@firia.com!

If you're not yet ready to purchase Python Level-1 with Virtual Robotics, you still have options:

  • Use the free level of features.
    • The Intro to CodeSpace and Robotics missions will always be free, as will the ability to explore and test your CodeBot code in virtual environments. We want this to be an accessible educational tool for everyone!
  • Contact us at info@firia.com to request an extended trial period.
    • If you need more time to evaluate, or for students to finish up work mid-stream we will work with you, just reach out!

Thanks again, and Happy Coding from Firia Labs!