CodeBot Gets a Hardware Update

As of today we will start shipping an updated CodeBot model, the CB3!

This new bot is fully compatible with all the capabilities you know and love in the original CB2 model, just with some fresh new components!

The chief differences you might notice are:

  • USB-C connector, replacing the USB micro-B in the CB2
  • ESP32 module, replacing the STM32 CPU in the CB2

The global semiconductor shortage was the driver for this revision of CodeBot. Currently the "lead time" for us to buy the STM32 parts is more than a year!

Fortunately we were able to update the design with an even more powerful CPU, while keeping the cost the same as the previous model. The new ESP32 module has 2MB of RAM compared to the 128k on the CB2. That means a lot more space for really large Python scripts or collected sensor data. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, which could come in handy for future projects!

The Python with Robots curriculum module in CodeSpace has been updated to work seamlessly with both the CB2 and CB3. So whether you have either one or both of these models, you can move through the projects with confidence!

We've all become accustomed to electronics and computing products continuing to evolve and improve over time, so an updated model isn't too surprising given that the original CB2 was launched in 2019. That said, we at Firia Labs are committed to long-term support for our products and curricula. So we want to assure you that we will continue our first-class support for both CB2 and CB3 for years to come!