Administrators: How to make the CARES act work for your students

What is the CARES act?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security act (CARES) is a part of the United States government's efforts to provide economic relief to the nation during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a part of this initiative, money is being distributed to schools around the country, to help them adapt to new educational challenges presented by the virus and the quarantine.

How does CodeSpace fit in?

At Firia Labs, we developed CodeSpace to be an intuitive online curriculum platform designed to teach Python coding to students in conventional and virtual classrooms. Our curriculum kits bring computer science education to life with exciting hardware projects, and step-by-step coding lessons.

Best of all, our curriculum packages do not require any subscription fees, or recurring payments, so an affordable one-time payment can provide top-notch curriculum to your students for years to come.

Coding kits from Firia labs are uniquely positioned to make the most of CARES funding in diverse situations. The digital project resources that come with Firia Labs' curricula allow teachers to continue instruction from the classroom to online seamlessly.

CodeSpace’s debugging tools provide the scaffolding necessary for students to learn to troubleshoot and debug independently, and its collaborative tools allow teachers to track students' progress and provide authentic feedback every step of the way!



How do I get started?

CARES act funding is distributed to each school district, and a portion of that funding is allotted to online curriculum. We believe that Firia Labs coding kits deliver the best value on the market, with top-of-the-line hardware backed by quality curriculum and customer service, all for an affordable one-time fee. 

Simply choose a curriculum kit, and buy enough "seats" to accommodate the maximum number of simultaneous users you will need to support.